Who was Petru Poni?

Petru Poni is considered to be the founder of the Romanian school of chemistry. He was the first to study the chemical structure of the Romanian oil and he also was avid on mineralogy study. He was part of the International Commission of petroleum. He taught chemistry at the Faculty of Medicine in Iasi and he founded and led the Municipal Institute of Chemistry. Three times he was minister of education. In 1876, the professor married Matilda Cugler, and together they had three children: Alexander and Lucia, lawyers, and Margaret chemist.

Radu Cernătescu

The museum is also dedicated to Radu Cernătescu. He was born in 1894 in Husi, and he is grandson of Petru Poni, son of Margaret Poni. He was a professor of analytical chemistry, inorganic chemistry and physical chemistry and director of the Institute of Chemistry "Petru Poni" Iasi. For its scientific work he has been elected Chairman of the Iaşi Romanian Academy.


The house were is the Museum "Poni- Cernătescu" was built in 1839 by the Metropolitan Veniamin Costache. Since 1880, the house belongs to Professor Petru Poni and his family.

The Memorial Museum "Poni - Cernătescu"was inaugurated in 1991 on the basis of donations of Professor Margaret Poni, the daughter of the scientist from 1971 and others.

During World War I, the house was used to keep safe some collections of the Romanian Academy Library. Since 1930 the academician Radu Cernătescu lived here.


The permanent exhibition contains furniture, books, artifacts, documents, photographs, minerals, correspondence, papers, sheet music etc. The museum has six rooms: reception hall, living room, library, room "Matilda Cugler-Poni" and "Radu Cernatescu" room, the sixth room is dedicated to chemistry personalities in Iasi and is arranged like a chemistry lab.

In the living room with oak wood cultural meetings were held from time to time.

Poni Cugler-room dedicated to Matilda, wife of the scientist has some beautiful eclectic style furniture. This room was a retreat for the family more intimate moments.

The room of Radu Cernătescu, grandson of Petru Poni contains pieces of furniture, photographs, personal items that belonged to the prestigious chemist professor.

The chemistry lab has a working table with substances, glassware and utensils necessary to conduct chemistry experiments, a plasma multi-touch with a soft chemistry.

In the basement of the building, an exhibition of minerals and mine flowers was arranged, the place is interesting in that it is arranged as a mine.

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