The Cetatuia Monastery is situated on one of the hills of Iasi, a few minutes away from the bustle of the city. The road to the monastery is guarded by a green and tall fence which led me thinking of France and the beautiful chateau surrounded by vineyards.

The church is surrounded by a thick and tall wall. The entrance is under the bell tower, and once you stepped through the gate you enter into an green oasis of peace and calm. A pleasant wind plays almost all the time between its walls.

The church, that is an architectural copy of the Three Hierarchs Church, was built between 1669 and 1672 by Gheorghe Duca. Inside the church, on the right, it is the tomb of the founder.

Next to the church there are some other things that attract visitors like the large and small bell, the royal house and the Gothic hall, that is lit by 11 windows. Here once was a Greek typography. Under the Gothic Room there is a cellar with a renowned Table of Silence to which the guests of the monastery are invited.

The Royal House - former private residence of the ruler, is bild in such way that it could be used both as a home and a place of refuge in case the monastery was attacked.

In the monastery there is a building that works as a cuisine and is known as the Turkish Bath.

As a curiosity, above this hill, Aurel Vlaicu made his first flight.

At the moment the monastery is one of monks, and a nice thing here is that almost all their food is obtained from field work.