Yellow Ravine or Eminescu's Bridge is a tall Belvedere porch, with small and chic balconies. On the side there are grand stairs and it is like you can see the ladies ready for o party in lovely dresses lowering them. Everything seems cut out from the yard of a majestic castle, this being one of the most beautiful and photogenic places in Iasi.

The Yellow Ravine is included in the List of Historical Monuments since 2004.

In the past this place was named Elizabeth Esplanade. By that time, 1900, it was a custom to name the streets with royalty names. It was a way for the people to remember the Royal House. This is how this place got its name from.

Before improvement were made, the Yellow Ravine was an unstable place due to landslides caused by springs that meet here coming down from Copou on their way to Bahlui.

The one who came up with the idea of improving the area was mayor Neculai Gane in 1897. On 7 March 1902 it is inaugurated becoming an attraction for Iasi.

It seems that the idea of building a bridge in this place actually belongs to the poet Mihai Eminescu who liked to sit here admiring what than seemed to be a true delta.

Asked one day what does he do here, Eminescu answered : " What can I do ... I admire nature; Mr. Radu, tell me, who would be able to paint this beautiful scenery that we see? God! he exclaimed, what beautiful position Iasi has. If I would tave the money, I would ask for a bridge to be made from here to Galata hill. Imagine sitting in the middle of that bridge what a beautiful view you could have. I think that in the whole world you would not find the pair! "(„O amintire din viaţa lui Eminescu”, „Arhiva”: nr. 5-6, 1900).

Today it seems like this place has lost its former attraction, but still remains a phenomenal location for any successful photo shoot.

How do you get here ?

Coming from the Union Square, at the end of the pedestrian street, Alexandru Lăpusneanu, across the street from the Central University Library.

Another option is to start in front of the Railway Station, the street of the same name will take you directly to the Esplanade.