In a beautiful arboretum, seconds away from the road leading to Roman, is one of the most beautiful castles in Romania: The Sturdza Castle from Miclăuşeni.

The Castle seems to be taken out from a booklet depicting Bavarian castles. Unfortunately time and carelessness of those who owned it in one way or another left a mark.

The former mansion, neo-Gothic style building, was turned into a castle by the Sturdza family. The history of this place is a very troubled one.

In WWII the Russians occupied it, destroying a good part of the books and weapons collections and furniture existing at that time in the castle. After the departure of the Russians, Catherine the only daughter of the Sturdza family, din not hurry back to the castle so that the locals rob what remains of the castle.Follow the communist who use it as storage for arms and cereals. Then it is converted into an orphanage and a center for children with special needs that work here until 2001. During this period a fire takes place in the attic of the building that will damage a large part of the ceiling painting. Afterwards the castle goes to the church property to which it actually belonged from 1947 following the donation of Catherine Cantacuzino Sturdza.

The interior of the castle still retains some of it's old brilliance. Here you can find two secret doors that lead to an underground tunnel that connected the castle to the village. You can also admire the former bathroom with a vaulted ceiling so that water drips thus protecting the plaster, or you can enjoy the view from the castle terrace.

Now they are trying to bring the castle back to life. Soirees and balls are held here with people dressed as in 1900. Donations of furniture were received so that Sturza family life looms among the shadows of time.

Next to the castle terrace is a Ginko Biloba tree, in the shade of which there was a gazebo. The reason for this arrangement was the belief that the tree would support the vital energy.

In the former stables of the castle, now there is a small restaurant where every Sunday you can enjoy a good meal.

The ensemble from Miclăuşeni includes a church, Sturdza family graves and a splendid arboretum.

The castle can be visited on Saturday and Sunday between 12 to 18 hours. The entrance is on the hour: 12, 13, etc.

The ticket costs 10 lei (2,24 euro) and is paid at the end of the tour.