About 100 km from Timisoara, in the south - east part of the Pioana Rusca mountains is the largest lake in Timis County: Lake Surduc.

The lake has an area of 460 hectares and a volume of 51 million cubic meters. It was built in 1972, with the purpose of providing drinking water for Timisoara, flood protection and tourism.

The access to this place is from the National Road Timisoara - Deva, from village Traian Vuia you go on to village Fârdea.

Unfortunately, although the area is very beautiful, the accommodation are missing and so are the restaurants. However the lakeside is full with tourists that love going out camping and barbecue.

Once a year, a Aeronautic Festival is held at Surduc.


The legend of this place tells the story of a monster who heads out of the water on full moon nights, unlike the Scottish 'Loch Ness's' monster, the one from Surduc has four eyes.