Bridal Veil Falls (Romanian: Cascada Vălul Miresii), also known as Răchițele Falls (Romanian: Cascada Răchițele), is one of the most beautiful and spectacular falls that one can find in Romania. It has a height of about 30 meters, it is broken into two steps, and is located at 1000 meters altitude. It can be visited both in summer and in winter, when its rock wall freezes becoming an excellent place for those passionate about climbing.

Visitors can admire it both from the foot of the waterfall and also from its top. In order to get there, one can follow a road of approximately 200 meters. The top offers a different perspective of both the waterfall and its surrounding area.

Starting from the falls, one can reach fairly easy White Stones (Romanian: Pietrele Albe), some very picturesque limestone cliffs, and Vlădeasa Peak (1836m), second highest peak in the Apuseni Mountains.

The legend of the place

As many other beautiful places, the falls have their own legend. It is said that during a marriage the bride had fallen off the lofty cliff. She had found her end, but her veil got hung up on the cliff. Wedding guests mourned her with bitter tears which formed the waterfall... or so the story goes and whom doesn't like stories?

Viziting the falls


Bridal Veil Falls is located in the Apuseni Mountains, on the eastern slope of the Vlădeasa massif, on the Stanciului Valley. It belongs to Răchiţele Village, Mărgău town, Cluj county. There are approximately 80 kilometers from Cluj-Napoca to the falls.

How to get there?

By car follow E60, Cluj – Huedin. Here we make a left for Călăţele, Răchiţele. The 28 kilometer route is Huedin - Călăţele - Buteni - sat Mărgău - Scrind-Frăsinet – Răchiţele.

A forest road of about 5 kilometers starts from Răchiţele Village and meanders alongside a mountain stream. Even though it is not paved, it is accessible by car.

Tickets and hours

No entry fees are required and there is no timetable, the falls can be visited anytime.